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Osney Smoke House

Haymans is a perpetually growing industry and we're constantly thinking up new ways to meet your needs, we value customer feedback and one of the main things you asked for is more smoked fish - so you got it!

Smoking fish was originally intended as a way to preserve the fish, but it also adds a different dimension to taste and texture. One of the biggest changes we made is the addition of The Osney Smoke House at our Osney premises. There are two ways of smoking fish, Cold Smoking is the most commonly used method; this way gently infuses the fish with flavour without cooking it. Hot Smoking is as the name implies, the smoke is hot enough to cook the fish as well as flavouring it.

Having a smoke house on site gives us the unique ability to smoke our own fish, meaning that you can have the freshest possible smoked produce. We currently only cold smoke and the most popular options are Salmon and Sea Trout but we have been known to smoke Halibut, Tuna, Mackerel and Herring.

At Haymans we know each fish is different and we treat it just so. We carefully select the fish from our store and fillet it in house, where it is then cured in a salt and sugar glaze for up to eighteen hours. It is then carefully washed and dried and smoked for at least seven hours using only the best Oak to create a wonderfully smoked product. It is possible to create a completely unique product with an individual character by adding different herbs and spices to the curing stage, if you're looking for a particular flavour or style call us to see what we can do for you.

The fish is smoked to order and is a technical process, so please allow 48 hours from order to delivery.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about call us today to arrange a tour of The Osney Smoke House and FishMarket.

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