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T: 01865 253720 (Fishmarket Shop)
T: 01865 253720 ( Fish4lunch Restaurant)
E: sales@haymansfisheries.co.uk

Fish4Lunch is a concept kitchen restaurant based in the upstairs of the Hayman�s premises in Osney Mead, it has been designed to showcase the range of fresh fish we have available. Our aim is to dispel some of the myths and concerns surrounding the selection, purchase and subsequent cooking and eating of fresh fish. For some time we have been concerned at how the media has conveyed a rather negative, pessimistic and expensive view of the fish industry. We would therefore like to present a more positive, optimistic attitude through cooking and presenting the full, spectacular variety of fresh fish available in and around the coasts of Great Britain.

Everyday our Chef, Kuba, will personally select the seafood from our store that he intends to use that day, to ensure you receive the best quality meal possible. He creates a new menu every two weeks to fully showcase what Haymans have to offer with different specials available throughout the week. Everything is made to order and of course good old fashioned fish and chips is served every Friday.

If you try something you like at Fish4Lunch, there is nothing to stop you making the exact same dish at home! Have a look at Kuba's recipe's to see just how easy it is.

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You can call us on 01865 253720 for more information, reservations of up to 10 people are more than welcome, any day except Fridays when we are unable to take bookings.

Opening Times:
Tuesday - Saturday
Breakfast is served from 8:00am - 10am
Lunch is served from 12:00am - 3pm

Friday Fish and Chips
Lunch is served from 11:30am - 3pm

Fish4Lunch Mailing list

But don’t take our word for it; here are some reviews happy customers have left:

"Quite possibly the best lunch we have ever had, true. I have been buying fish from Haymans for years but have never ventured upstairs for lunch.
The chef served both our meals and they were cooked to perfection. Both the cod and the sea bass tasted as good as any top end restaurant would be happy to serve."

"We had lunch here on a Saturday as we have always bought fish here. Previously they only did fish and chips but the menu looked much more impressive so we gave it a go. Well what can I say it was AMAZING! I would say this is better than the average Oxford restaurant including the loch fyne."

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